Translation Service Metaphor

Welcome to the website of Translation Service Metaphor, where you will find high-quality translation and editing services.

The language combinations offered are English to Finnish, Finnish to English and Swedish to Finnish.

Translation Service Metaphor provides professional translation and editing services for companies, organisations and private persons to ensure the success of your intercultural communication by delivering the most precious aspect of your text, the meaning, safely into the target culture using correct and fluent language.

The skills and knowledge of translation studies, modern computer-assisted translation tools and client-friendly, reliable service translate into outstanding translations and refined texts, which ensure that your message gets across.


Translation Service Metaphor translates for example: brochures, websites, thesis abstracts, agreements, CVs, subtitles, articles, news items, press releases, PowerPoint presentations, annual reports etc.

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There is no quicker way to eat out your credibility than mistranslation and unclear expressions. If you need to verify the quality of a translation, send it for translation editing.

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If possible, kindly include as many details as possible about the assignment, for example: service requested, languages and translation direction, scope of the text (number of words), subject of the text etc.

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